In any one day, you have a limited amount of creative energy at your disposal. Much of this energy is depleted just in carrying out the activities necessary for survival and responsible living. There is no escaping these outputs of energy. However, there are many activities we engage in that are really unnecessary and waste our energy because they do not provide the bare necessities or bring us closer to our dreams.

Ultimately, your achievement of success will depend on how wisely you use the creative energy available to you.

The choices we make each moment of the day determine how our creative energy will be used. You can use energy in many different ways to accomplish many different things, but you can only direct your energy in one direction at time. For instance, you can go to the gym or you can complete that proposal that you’ve been putting off all week. You can take your children out to the park or you can balance your checkbook. Any choice you make is neither right or wrong, but each choice will bring you closer to a certain objective. As in the examples above, it can be health success, financial success, parenting success or organizational success, but you can only accomplish one of these objectives at a time.

Ultimately, you will achieve the greatest success in the area in which you direct the majority of your choices and energy.

Aside from the choices we make in how to use our energy effectively, there are many energy drains that we encounter in a day that will deplete our energy supply without moving us closer to our dreams. Personal energy not only refers to our physical energy, but also applies to our mental and spiritual energy.

Take negative people for instance. Did you ever notice that when you are in the presence of certain people you feel more energized, or conversely, drained? The people and things that boost our energy are important, but more important are the energy drains we encounter. These zap us of the creative juices that we can use to create success in our lives.

Some other energy drains are worry and fear. Both deplete huge amounts of energy, but don’t help to bring us closer to our dreams and usually turn out to be unsubstantiated. These energy drains rob us of success and the energy that we can use to ensure success.

When our mind is focused on negative thinking, or even consumed with irrelevant facts and issues, we can not use our mental energy to think creatively.

Thomas Edison was once ridiculed for not being able to remember his own phone number. His reply was why should he clutter his mind with facts that could easily be accessed in a book. Why should a person use his mental energy to remember an unimportant fact when he can use that mental energy to think? We can choose to use our mind as a storehouse of knowledge, or we can use it to think.

Napoleon Hill wrote the first major breakthrough to success in a book entitled Think and Grow Rich. He didn’t say “Work hard and grow rich” or “Do and grow rich.” He specifically chose the word “think” because it’s what most people don’t do. They spend their mental energy engaging in activities that don’t help to bring them closer to their dreams.

  • What are the drains on your mental energy?
  • How do you rationalize not being focused on your dream?
  • When will you be ready to commit all of your energy to your dream?

These are the questions that result in success.

ACTION STEP: In a word, what is the biggest drain of your energy? Let me know below.


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