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The best part of the training was seeing so many previously unsuccessful people become very successful and build wealth for their families.
-David Becker, NJ
Vinny is one of the best success trainers and motivators that I have had the privilege to be trained by. I have been to many seminars with such people as Zig Ziglar, Oliver North, Norman Schwartzkopf, and Dexter Yager, just to mention a few. Vinny is among the best. His success training has changed many lives, including mine.
-Gary Holder, MI
I had the pleasure of experiencing his training and motivation, which enabled me to rebound from a dire financial situation.
-Forrest Harrell, NC
I can only say that the new perspectives based on Vinny’s principles have, indeed, set me free from an old mind-set, which held me back from being successful.
-Janet Schultz, GA
The principles that Vinny teaches are life changing.
-Mike Wehner, OH
I can recommend Mr. Roazzi’s training system without reservation for those who want to succeed. I use his training system to this day, twelve years later.
-Richard Weisglas, NJ
Anyone can be successful in their chosen field if they will apply the success formulas that Vincent Roazzi has laid out in his training. Mr. Roazzi has a gift for turning ancient truisms and complicated theories into street smarts. This stuff works!
-Jo Taylor, CA
Even after all these years, I find myself following his ideology and using the techniques.
-Bill DeRoss, NJ
I was a fledging sales rep that wasn’t supposed to make it. I owe a great measure of gratitude to Vinny’s training. It held before me a vision of success that exceeds the boundaries of simple material attainment.
-Michael Ring, SC
The training has given me a system to follow each day that will not fail me.
-Sal Spedale, NY
In 1993, I attended a seminar at which Mr. Vincent Roazzi was enlightening the audience on “Steps to Success.” Little did I know what an impact this would make on my life! If I were asked to name several people that made an impact on my success in life, Vinny would definitely be one of them.
-Joseph Sansonetti, FL
The training has the ability to make people look inside themselves and maybe for the first time in their lives be honest with themselves. Thank you Vinny for helping me put my life on the right path.
-Michael Weiner, PA
I had to be in Pittsburgh for a training with Vinny. I tried everything I could think of to get out of it. I am still unsure how he did it, but the information and knowledge that I received over that weekend has propelled and enhanced my career so much that I could never thank him enough.
-Troy Holder, IN
The training addresses the basic needs of success, which are not taught in class and can only be learned from someone who has been on the road, earned their way, and paid their dues.
-Wayne Baldock, FL
For sure, without your success training, my effectiveness would be greatly diminished.
-Carl Baratta, NJ
I personally witnessed the training make a remarkable impact on individuals, who in many cases, were embarking on their business careers and benefited enormously from Vinny’s training program. I personally witnessed the training make a remarkable impact on individuals, who in many cases, were embarking on their business careers and benefited enormously from Vinny’s training program.
-Joseph Romano, DE

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Abundance Mentality For Success

Abundance Mentality For Success

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to acknowledge all that we have to be thankful for in life. Whether it be family, friends or simply the fact that we awoke to live another day. It is a time to celebrate abundance in love, blessings and of course food! But, something that most people do not realize is that the abundance mentality that we share on Thanksgiving is elemental to achieving financial success in our lives.

When we choose to focus on all of our blessings, instead of that which we lack…we attract more abundance into our lives. (CLICK TO TWEET)

Did you ever notice while driving that if you let your gaze fall to the left side of the road, you car automatically begins to drift to the left? If you were to then let your gaze fall to the right side of the road, your car would drift to the right respectively. This is an example of how our focus determines our course not only on the road, but in life. When you let your gaze fall on the positive in life, on all of the good things you have to be thankful for, you will attract more of the same into your life. When you focus on the negative aspects of your life, you will drift towards more negative.

While striving for financial success in life, many people have whats called “the broke mentality.” They complain because they don’t have enough money to pay the bills or to enjoy the luxuries in life. You will often hear them say, “I am so broke!”

But what they do not realize is that these words alone can be more harmful to their achievement of financial success than any other aspect. They constantly focus on what they are lacking, in this case money, instead of acknowledging all that they do have.

You will ultimately attain what you focus on the most.

If it is lack of money that is what you will attract, if it is abundance in money, love, and success, that is what you will attract.


What are you looking to attract? Start focusing on it now by announcing it in the comments section below!

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