I FAILED 10,000 TIMES: A Prelude to Success

I FAILED 10,000 TIMES: A Prelude to Success

The most amazing thing I’ve noticed about successful people is that they’ve done some things that the majority of people would deem foolish.

They have made many “mistakes” in life and have failed more times in things than the average person could even imagine to attempt.

But the key is that they have failed many more times than the average person!

We have been conditioned in this society to believe that failure is a negative experience, whereas on the road to success it is truly a welcomed obstacle.

Think for a moment back to one of your childhood experiences before society’s conditioning became a factor in your life. It was when you learned how to walk. Did you do it on your first try? How about your second attempt? The answer to both questions, of course, is no. In fact you failed many times in the process of learning how to walk. But that didn’t stop you; nothing could stop you. You wanted to walk like everyone else and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You were focused and you eventually succeeded.

If we had to learn to walk as adults, it would probably take us a lot longer to succeed! We would see all the possible dangers of falling. We could break a leg or hit our head. We might feel embarrassed to have fallen in front of others, become discouraged, or give up entirely.

You see, we have been conditioned to believe that failure is a negative experience, when in reality:

Failure is simply the necessary prelude to success.

Nobody ever became a great success in life without first experiencing many great failures. It is through failure that we learn how to succeed.

Take Thomas Edison for instance. He failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light!

Are you willing to fail 10,000 times before you succeed?

Edison saw these “failures” as the necessary trials that he needed to overcome before he succeeded. In his words,

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

If you look at failure and see it for what it really is, you realize that it is just a learning experience that allows you to stop and take a look at what you have been doing and then begin again even better. It provides an opportunity for insight into yourself and the world around you and prepares you for the obstacles and responsibilities that you will encounter in the future.

It is only those who never try to achieve success in life that never fail because ultimately,

Your level of success in life will be in proportion to the amount of times you fail along the way.

So in the words of Bruce Barton (American Author, Advertising Executive),

“Go ahead and fail. But fail with wit, fail with grace, fail with style. A mediocre failure is as insufferable as a mediocre success. Embrace failure! Seek it out. Learn to love it. That may be the only way any of us will ever be free.”

 Action Step: What has been your biggest failure? How will/did you turn it into a success? Leave your comments below!


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