The emotion of love is fundamental to any outstanding success. As long as you love your work, you can become financially successful in any profession that you choose.

But what should you do if you do not currently love your chosen profession? Maybe the happiness and success you desire can be found in a small change in your perception.

Let me relay to you a story of how loving what you do can become more rewarding than doing what you love.

A good friend of mine loves to ski. He had always dreamed of going pro or living his life out as an instructor at a ski resort. That is until he decided to get married and had his first child. Suddenly, his love of skiing didn’t seem as important to him as his love for his family.

He decided to pursue a field of work that would allow him to have more freedom, and pay him a larger income in order to do so. He was offered a very promising job as a salesman that would enable him to accomplish both of these objectives.

The only problem was that he was not a salesman and didn’t like selling! But he had started down the path towards a promising opportunity and he wasn’t about to fail.

With strong self-control and determination, he forced himself to do what all good salespeople are required to do, and because he followed the laws of successful selling he was an immediate success.

The only problem was that he didn’t like what he was doing.

After a period of fighting against the negative feelings that he had about his new profession and forcing himself to do things that he didn’t enjoy doing, he decided that it was time to make a change.

But instead of changing his new profession, he decided to change his perception of his new profession.

He made a decision to love sales. He made a list of all the good things about sales and began building them up in his own mind: he believed in his product, his job had the advantage of enabling him to develop initiative and courage and love for people. He was helping people everyday and was providing a valuable service to his customers. When he reasoned it out, every single thing about it was good.

When we do a job well, we always learn to love and enjoy it. The reason that he hadn’t liked selling was because he hadn’t been big enough to do it like a champion, and he now would either be forced to grow or acknowledge himself as a weakling. Therefore, because he forced himself to work harder than everyone else, he began to exceed everyone else in results.

And it wasn’t long before he truly loved what he was doing.

Perception can make all the difference in your life. As you can see:

Sometimes loving what you do can be more rewarding than doing what you love.

Love is a decision. Choosing to see the opportunity and value in any profession will enable you to succeed at everything you pursue in life.

So if you find that doing what you love has too many compromises which detract from your ultimate desires in life, try loving what you do. Either way, the money will follow.

ACTION STEP:  Name 3 things right now that you like about the job you hate.  Let me know what they are below.


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