No matter what product you are selling there are a specific number of steps that result in completing the sale. Individually, we all have a certain degree of success in each step along the way to the final sale. In fact, an insight to the sales process is that each one of these steps is a sale in itself, and subject to the same rules that govern the sales process as a whole. The normal sales process is such:

  • The Appointment

  • Pre-qualifying

  • Presentation of Product

  • Objections

  • Closing the Sale

  • Cementing the Sale

  • Referrals

Of course, the particulars of each step may vary according to product, but in general, this process applies to all products. What’s interesting is that salespeople have varied success in each step, but always perceive the process as a whole instead of breaking it down into its integral parts. If they did they would discover that, in some steps, they are quite proficient, and conversely, they have poor or average performance in the others. So, for instance, how many contacts with potential customers does it take for you to get an appointment? And how long does that take? If you’re working on commission, how much is that sale worth in weekly/monthly/annual income? If you know all these numbers then you can determine how much work you have to do to earn what you’d like to make.

This is of course a brief example, but it sets the tone for an in-depth study of your success in the sale of the product you are presently selling. Armed with this knowledge one can chart a course to personal sales excellence with any product. Happy Selling!

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