Many people believe that success is solely dependent on physical and mental properties. They believe that you need only have the right talent, think the right thoughts, know the right people, have the right look, and pursue the right opportunities in order to achieve the life of their dreams. While these factors are important, many people do not consider the most important aspect of success – the spiritual quotient.

The spiritual quotient is simply who you are and is at the foundation of everything that I teach people about achieving success.

It involves becoming successful on the inside first, which then becomes visible on the outside for the whole world to see.

It is possible for it to happen in reverse, but is much more difficult to sustain. The reason for this difficulty is that we begin to believe our own press clippings about how wonderful we are. As a result, the untamed ego grows stronger and wilder to the point where it runs rampant, and we become more and more self-centered. Lack of success soon follows. That’s why some people achieve what appears to be success, but they just can’t seem to hold on to it. Then self-destruction sets in because they are living their lives in conflict; they are not living life as a whole individual.

In order for a person to become whole, he must be whole physically, mentally and spiritually.

If any of those is lacking, then a person is not complete, and that has its consequences. Since authentic success is simply a reflection of the person, it too must be whole–physically, mentally, and spiritually. If it isn’t, it won’t feel good. It won’t be authentic and it won’t last because the formula by which it has been achieved is incomplete, and therefore, the resulting success, if any, will be incomplete.

So, how do you begin to incorporate the spiritual quotient into your life?

By living your life according to your core values. Your core values are those values that reflect who you truly are and what you believe is important in life. It is difficult for many of us to separate our core values from our conditioned values, which are the values that our well-meaning family, friends and teachers have imposed upon us throughout life. But unless we do so, we live a life of inner conflict, which holds us back from achieving genuine and lasting success. You can take the Core Values Test in the Success Tools category.

ACTION STEP:  Examine your formula for success today and see if you have included the spiritual quotient.

  1. Are you the person you would like to be?
  2. Do you operate with other-centered intentions and help make success appear in the lives of the people around you?
  3. Are you a worthy receptacle to the abundance that the universe has to offer?

By creating a complete foundation for success today, you will reap the rewards of authentic success as your true purpose unfolds along the journey before you.


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