HOW TALL WILL A TREE GROW?: The Definition of Success

How Tall Will A Tree Grow?: The Definition of Success

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all achieve our maximum potential in life? Just think for a moment of all the things that you could accomplish in a lifetime. Success would come effortlessly along with all of your dreams and aspirations.

Although, some may say that achieving one’s maximum potential is impossible because nobody is perfect all of the time, you will soon see that this objective is already within your reach!

The universe has been in existence for millions of years. It operates continually and hasn’t stopped operating once since the beginning of time. The earth never stops rotating, the sun never stops setting and the seasons never stop changing.

The universe is perfect and everything in the universe is perfect–including you!

You are part of the perfection that has run continually for millions of years.

Since you are already perfect, what is stopping you from reaching your maximum potential in life?

The concept of maximum potential states that everything in nature ultimately reaches its full potential.

Take a tree for instance. How tall will a tree grow? The answer is as tall as it can. It is different for every tree because it is a subjective experience, but everything in nature will ultimately reach its maximum potential.

What a great definition of individual success–the achievement of one’s maximum potential!

So, why is it so difficult for us, as humans, to naturally and effortlessly reach our maximum potential?

We have been given a gift that separates us from the rest of the living world. This is the gift of choice or free will. But this “gift” is a double-edged sword, because unlike everything else in the universe which always reaches its maximum potential–we have a choice not to!

Our gift of free will is truly a gift if we use it properly, but ultimately, it is also what is holding you back from achieving your maximum potential. This is because we all make choices based on the erroneous conditioning that we have been taught by society and our teachers in life. Remember:

if 93% of people have the wrong formula for success, then chances are at least 93% of what you have been taught by others throughout life will lead you to make choices that inhibit your success and the achievement of your maximum potential.

Each day you are presented with many choices that will lead you towards success, or away from it. Make choices wisely, based on truth. Use your gift of free will to your advantage, not your demise, and recognize that you are a part of the natural perfection of the universe.

What you can become, you already are.  

Success is your Destiny!

ACTION STEP:  What choices have you made in the past that lead away from your success? Trace back where you received the conditioning to make that choice.  Share it with me below.


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