There are many misconceptions in the marketplace about the profession of sales which deters some quality people from entering the field. I remember when I started my first sales position and one of my relatives remarked, “You’ll do great because you have the gift of gab.” Well, experience and training show that the belief cited by my relative to be one of the misconceptions of the sales profession.

The very best salespeople are not great talkers, they are great listeners!

And there are many facts to support why this is so. One reason is if you took a vote during a sales training of even hard-core sales pros about whether they would personally prefer to buy a product or be sold the product, you’ll find that 90-100% of them will say they would rather buy than be sold. Then they leave the training, go into the field, and proceed to sell potential clients!

Why the disconnect? Why don’t they see their clients being the same as they are?

The profession of sales is actually so deep that I could spend six blog posts on these questions alone which, in the end, will result in just more questions! Suffice it to say for now, there is a disconnect, and the implications are probably not positive.

In reality, when a sales person is making a presentation to a potential client, at some level of consciousness, the client is already sold. That’s right! Salespeople are so worried about making the sale that they can’t see this fact for themselves. This is one of the secrets of sales. Salespeople waste an enormous amount of time and energy trying to sell people who are already sold. That is one, and maybe the greatest, insight of my sales training. 

twitter-bird-white-on-blueIf you get an appointment to make a presentation to a client, the sale is already made. From this point forward, there’s only one thing you can do: screw it up!

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In other words, turn it into a “no – sale.”

Think about your own life: When you wanted to purchase a new car what did you do? You went to the showroom or to an automobile show. When you needed a computer where did you go? When you needed some sort of insurance who did you call? In each case, at some level of your consciousness, or maybe subconsciousness, you already bought that product or you would never have walked into a showroom, computer store, or talked to that insurance agent. The only unanswered question at this point is:

  1. Who are you going to buy it from
  2. How much will you spend, and
  3. What exactly is the product you will purchase.

Now doesn’t that make sales a lot less scary to engage in? Armed with this insight, you will discover an immediate increase in your sales figures without learning anything else.

But I have more secrets to tell you.

When we’re done you’ll become one of the top sales people in your company.

ACTION STEP:  What’s your experience? What will you do differently in your sales presentations today armed with this knowledge? Let me know below.


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