Why Sales is the Lowest Paid Job on Earth

It depends on whether you look at sales as a job or a profession.

The distinction may seem minimal at first glance, but the belief structure of working in a sales job vs. being engaged in the profession of sales will determine your level of success  - regardless of product, company, or quality of training.

So let’s explore the differences:

We met might gain greater insight if we examined real-life examples of both and what the characteristics are of each.

What do people look for in a job? For me it was:

  1. salary
  2. vacation and sick days
  3. benefits
  4. opportunity for overtime
  5. weekends off…ie., Wednesday was “hump day” and TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday).

What about a profession? Some professions that immediately come to mind are doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, nurses and teachers. Professions require:

  1. a formal education,
  2. some kind of apprenticeship period,
  3. continuing education,
  4. usually some form of certification,
  5. family involvement and
  6. lifelong dedication (you don’t get into a profession “until something else good comes along.”)

When you see an ad for sales they usually cite the need for “sales professionals.” And if you read enough sales materials you’ll eventually discover that

“Sales is the highest paid profession the world.”

In fact, a top-notch sales pro can earn more than any other profession, if it’s approached as a profession. If they work in sales as a job they will discover another truth about sales:

“Sales is either the highest paid, hardest work you’ll ever do or the lowest paid, easiest job you’ll ever do.”

Therein lies the difference in sales as a job or sales as a profession. And just as therein lies the truth, also therein lies the warning:

Warning: If you took a sales job because nothing else was available in your field and you’re not willing to make the sacrifices that the profession requires, quit now before you starve to death.

Is that you? Don’t worry, the next article will show you how to turn your job into a profession.


How do you view your current sales position? Let us know below… be honest!  Remember, if you don’t know where you are, you can’t get to where you want to go!


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